PNG Workshop Outcome Document - October 2016

The Outcome Document from PSAAG's workshop in PNG outlines the steps the PNG government plans to  take in the next two years.

Where the World Comes Up Short: Gaps in Combating the Proliferation of Small Arms & Light Weapons - October 2016

PSAAG's former Policy and Outreach Associate researches the gaps in SALW programming. Identified gaps include three geographical areas and in UNPoA implementation.

advancing-arms-control-and-disarmament-in-the-pacific 1-1
Advancing Arms Control and Disarmament in the Pacific - 27 October 2015

PSAAG's presentation to the First Committee delegates, Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Arms and Ammunition in Oceania: A Guide for Pacific Governments - 17 August 2015

PSAAG's flagship publication, this guide offers a regional perspective on how to implement the Arms Trade Treaty, the UN Programme of Action on small arms, and other arms control standards.

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Advancing the Pacific Consensus on Disarmament - 12 June 2015

PSAAG's submission to Leaders at the 2015 Pacific Islands Forum to endorse and support the 'Pacific Consensus on Disarmament', the Arms Trade Treaty and the UN small arms Programme of Action.

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Only Half a Loaf: UN Resolution 2220 on Illicit Small Arms - 5 June 2015

Why did six countries refuse to support a UN Security Council resolution aimed at curbing the illegal arms trade?

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Some Recent Commentary on the Arms Trade Treaty - 22 April 2015

PSAAG member Dr. Rod Alley reviews current discussions on the Arms Trade Treaty by Paul Meyer and Elli Kytömäki.

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What Next? From Sou da Paz: a PSAAG Summary - 12 March 2015

Thoughts for global civil society working on arms control and armed violence reduction. Rod Alley reviews Daniel Mack's thought piece.

Arms Gender and Security in the Pacific - 25 November 2014

When Pacific governments neglect the gendered nature of arms and security, the result is ineffective and unequal policy, practice, and laws.

PSAAG Submission to the 2015 Defence White Paper - 28 October 2014

PSAAG's comments on Australia's strategic policy approach, objectives for the Australian Defence Force military strategy, and Australia's international relationships.