Deep – profile

Deepayan Basu Ray

Director of Arms Control

Deepayan directs arms control programmes at the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction, the Secretariat of the Pacific Small Arms Action Group (PSAAG) – funded by UNSCAR to improve governmental implementation of UN arms control instruments in the Pacific. 


Deepayan has more than 15 years’ experience in arms control research, policy, legislation and international law, as well as in the fields of human security, aid effectiveness and sustainable development. Before joining the Centre, Deepayan worked as Coordinator of the Arms Trade Treaty ATT Monitor project at Control Arms, where he established and edited this influential annual report. He has previously worked for leading INGOs (ActionAid UK and Oxfam), influential research institutes (Overseas Development Institute, Institute of Development Studies), innovative consulting companies (Oxford Policy Management), and government departments in both developing and developed countries (Gambia, Canada).


Erly Muñoz


Erly acts as Secretary of the Pacific Small Arms Action Group (PSAAG). Erly is a peace and security expert with experience working around the world and an MA in Public Policy as a Chevening Scholar. Erly has previously worked extensively within the UN, conducting research on youth, peace and security and advocating for increased attention to armed violence around the world, particularly in regard to the Sustainable Development Goals. Erly also works as Gender and Arms Control Coordinator for the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction.